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SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SDU-TEI)

Innovative Production Region (InProReg) is a collaboration platform on innovative product development and production, which perfectly matches to our research interests and competences. Within this platform, we are not only creating theoretical knowledge but also apply it in practice with industrial partners.
– Arne Bilberg

The Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) addresses key societal challenges of the 21st century with a focus on climate, smart production, health and innovation. As an important focus area of MCI, the section SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SDU-TEI) focuses on the entire innovation cycle from idea to product development, production and business. MCI and TEI have a strong connection to the regional industry on both sides of the German-Danish border with the goal to provide new innovative solutions that support an increase in production and in jobs. One of our major recent achievements is the setting up of the SDU-MCI Innovation Lab as a space that fosters innovation for professionals, researchers and students alike. The concept facilitates the innovation process in a unique setting by focusing on the single stages of the innovation process, namely ideation, product and  process development, and related business aspects. These focal areas are physically reproduced in the lab to allow a tangible innovation experience, which will enhance teaching, research, and problem-solving related to practice. In addition, our section has strong project experience from other related projects such as, e.g., Smart Factory, Automationsboost and DigitalizationBoost.

Co-workers in the project

Arne Bilberg
Associate professor
Technology Architect and co-supervisor of PhD Sönke Wolter

Fei Yu
Associate professor
Project manager, principal supervisor of PhD Sönke Wolter

Sönke Wolter
Development of LEAN automation concepts for use in SMEs with a high mix-low volume production.

Zora Rubahn
Communication designer
Responsible for work package 2: Communication

Betta Hansen
Project administrator
Project financial and administration officer


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