TEK Innovation

Our competences at TEK Innovation are within management and coordination of project activities with the aim to ensure effective processes and activities, and to service the project participants in necessary project activities.
– Morten Nielsen

TEK Innovation, section for dissemination and exploitation, supports projects, research and development activities resulting in new knowledge, new products and services, and helps convert public investment in research and development into socio-economic benefits for the society.  This is achieved, among other things, by generating detailed dissemination and exploitation plans for each research and development project which incorporate detailed exploitation and dissemination strategies and clearly define how research results will be implemented and how they will impact on the market and on future developments. TEK Innovation contributes to the project with its expertise within supporting the development of new technologies and products, the building-up of new networks and cooperation platforms and the development of new production facilities in the Region of Southern Denmark and Northern Germany.

Co-workers in the project

Morten Nielsen
Senior Innovation Advisor
Project management and coordination
Responsible for work package 4: Supporting business developments within production in the border region.


Morten Nielsen
University of Southern Denmark
TEK Innovation
Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M

Cell: +45 9350 7313