KiWi GmbH

Kieler Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Strukturentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

The implementation of modern production and automation technologies is a crucial prerequisite for increasing the competitiveness of companies in the manufacturing industry. The KiWi GmbH will use the contacts to the research partners and the results of the InProReg project to advise regional enterprises in the development of individual production and automation technologies and to arrange contacts.
– Dr Andreas Borchardt

KiWi GmbH sensitizes manufacturing companies in the region to trend topics, innovation potential and funding opportunities and initiates and accompanies innovation and cooperation projects between business and research.

Co-workers in the project

Dr Andreas Borchardt
Project leader
KiWi GmbH sees itself as a link between science and industry and will
establish contact with the regional economy in the Kiel region.


Dr. Andreas Borchardt
KiWi, Kieler Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Strukturentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
Wissenschaftspark Kiel – Neufeldt Haus
Fraunhoferstraße 2-4
24118 Kiel
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