Companies wanted!

Why are we looking for companies?

One of the aims of InProReg is to develop demonstrators for innovative technologies that can help companies to improve their production facilities. For this we are looking for companies that would like to

  • test some of the solutions developed in the project
  • develop innovative production solutions for own purposes based on own specific challenges
  • develop innovative production solutions for other companies based on practical cases.
What kind of companies are we looking for?

Manufacturing or technology providers with preferably less than 250 employees (SME) located in the Interreg Deutschland-Denmark region.

What will your participation look like in detail?

Formally, a cooperation agreement between your company and the University of Southern Denmark as InProReg’s lead partneror between your company and another project partner can be signed.

Together, you can either develop a solution for your own company or for other companies. The solutions should be finalised and implemented until June 2020 the latest.

In addition, you will receive invitations to workshops, seminars and other network activities that are concerned with innovative production solutions for regional companies.

What is in it for you and your company?

Participating in our project enables you/your company to

  • gain extra knowledge and workforce to expand your manufacturing competences
  • team up with experts to develop state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies
  • market your company or products via our project network
  • increase your network
  • initiate new innovation projects
  • make use of funding options for research and development projects.
How can you get into contact?

You can contact any of the project partners you find most suitable for your needs. Please find all contact details on the project partners pages or in the contacts section.

Companies wanted!

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